My Role In Education

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There are several perspectives on the role of education. John Dewey an American education philosopher of the 1930 stated, “I 'm simplifying—that the general purpose of school is to transfer knowledge and prepare young people to participate in America’s democratic society” (Carter, 2012). However, as we entered the 21st century we are face with continue globalization, which leads to a world with interconnected societies and economies. As we continue towards this globalization our philosophy about American education will change with it. We no longer just need students just to participate in American way of life, but to participate across international boarders. There are several challenges that an American students face today compared to John …show more content…
In order for the United States to stay competitive in the world economy, we need to continue developing students to enter STEM related careers. According to Live Science (2016), “only 16 percent of high school students are interested in a STEM career and have proven a proficiency in mathematics”. School should place greater emphasize on math and science and help students become proficient in those content areas. School career councilors should continue to promote career fields relating to the field of science, technology, engineering, and math. Our countries economic future depends on our student’s advancement in STEM related industries.
What is my role as a teacher? As a teacher I play various roles in the support of a student’s education. I facilitate knowledge of academic content through various instructions. Teachers also guide and help develop students social and behavior skills to be productive members of society. To a student I am a mentor, authority figure, and leading example of society. To the community I am a trusted member who guides and facilitates the growth of our children. Society has entrusted schools to provide students with an academic foundation to be successful in college and to be a contributing member of society. As teachers we facilitate content knowledge deemed necessary for students to secede. Curriculum has been developed and it is a teacher role to deliver
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Much like jobs students will face outside of school, they will work with peers to critically think and understand the challenge and solve the problem they are faced with. This approach to active learning allows students to retain what they learn and how it can be used in real world application.
How should learning be measured? Measuring learning is probably the most difficult task for a teacher. However the common theme of this paper has been how are schools preparing students for the outside world. How the students performs as a member of society and how successful they are is the true measure of what they learned. As teachers we replicate our lesson plans around real world application, we should also evaluate our students in real world scenarios. Having a students regurgitate information from memory on a piece of paper does not truly evaluate learning. A student driver is not given a license after passing a written exam but after passing an actual driving test. Where the student driver is actually on the road navigating real traffic, and negotiating real traffic situation. That is a real world application that determines the measure of that student driver ability to drive. Practical real world application needs to be brought into the classroom in order to truly evaluate

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