My Role As A Student

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On this essay there is the question in regards to a teacher can help a student but the student must do the learning. With details and scenarios I will answer what I think about this idea, and how I see my role as a student with respect to my instructors.
I believe that my role as a student is to appreciate the opportunity to learn from my instructors, from the class, and contribute for my colleagues to have the best learning environment to improve their learning skills and take advantage of the lessons learned. In relations to the student’s role, a teacher is more involved in the student’s learning than just providing with the class assignment, answering questions, reviewing and posting grades. Teachers put the effort to develop communication with each individual student.
Only if the student is willing to learn the subject matter and the teacher wants their student’s success, there will be a true scholar communication; where the information and instructions provided by the teacher will reach their desired destination and a harmonic understanding will occur between instructor and student.
Teachers establish a line of trust with their students
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In addition, teachers establish a line of trust with their students. This trust relationship assist in decreasing any fear the student may develop to seek for help and advice from their instructors. The closer the student understand their role in the trust relationship with their instructors, the more it will allow them to have a higher comfort in understanding the subject being taught and a higher chance to succeed in the class. Teachers play different roles on their tasks of teaching in order for each student to receive the quality instruction they

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