Essay about My Relationship With My Mother

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Attachment My attachment style is secure. Having a secure attachment mean “we use parent as secure base and are at ease in their presence; when parent leaves the child is upset; seeks contact and is easily soothed upon return” (Kail & Zolner, 2012, p. 184). My first photo is my parents and I when we were living in Florida, USA. This photo shows my secure attachment stele because I my parents are my base and I feel my safest and while they are in presence with me. Growing up with my parents and being dependent on them to teach me and raise me I started to learn from them how to be independent. My second photo is my mom and I when I was at the age of 3. This photo represents my relationship with my mom. According to the textbook, Attachment typically first developed between infants and their mothers because mothers are usually the primary caregivers of Canadian infants” (Kail & Zolner, 2012, p. 186). My relationship with my mother is stronger than it is with my father because I would go to my mother for certain situations and I would go to my father for other situations, My choosing to which parent I would talk to depends on what the topic is. The textbook highlights the attachment a child has with their fathers “ Fathers typically spend much more time playing with their babies then taking care of them” (Kail & Zolner, 2012, p.186). This statement is true in my childhood because when it came to playtime my dad would be the one I would be the one I would go to. My father…

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