My Relationship Essay

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The person I have chosen to write my Relationship paper is on my mom, Imelda Villa Peñaloza. I would like to say I am close to my mom like other people but unfortunately we are not. We do get along great most of the time, but just like my father, it takes me a while to express how I’m feeling. My mother and I are complete opposites, my mom is a social butter fly. She likes going out to places and meeting new people. She loves got get dolled up for any small occasion, may it be to go to Sunday church, to go see my aunts, even to a small school even, she loves to look nice. I, on the other hand don’t care how I look most of the time since I have been mainly focusing on my education, so my attention has been on my studies rather than my image. My mom is very religious, and since being Mexican, she is a devoted hard core catholic. Not that there is anything bad with that, but again just like my dad, I really don’t care at the moment. My mother has always insisted that we must always go to church every Sunday and go to prayer every Thursday afternoon. I know that she gets that from my grandfather, who goes to prayer gatherings every afternoon. My …show more content…
When you’re with your best friend you tell them everything, knowing you won’t be judged. I know my mom will never judge me, I just don’t feel comfortable talking to her about certain subjects. Disclosure is very tricky between us; because we will tell each other certain things that we will always agree on, but I wouldn’t tell her that concerns topic that I know we don’t see eye to eye. Disclosure doesn’t come easy to both of us, even for some time I wouldn’t tell my parents what I had for lunch today in fear that I would be judges on what I ate and how much of it I ate (which was a lot). Our relationship has gotten better, that I now talk to her about certain topic; which has made us

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