My Reflective Self Analysis

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Reflective Self Analysis
As a freshman in college, I didn’t really like the sound of a writing class. In high school, my writing skills were average and my grades in my English classes reflected that. When reviewing the syllabus for this course, prior to the semester, the sound of five pages essays really made me sick to my stomach. At the time, I wanted to possibly try to just skip the class somehow, but instead, I decided just to get it over with already. This was probably the best choice that I’ve made this semester. My writing skills have really evolved into what they are today. Each essay along with the diverse prompts really surrounded me with new knowledge and abilities. At the beginning, I honestly had tons of weaknesses and little
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I’m always capable of writing a suitable introduction for all my essays and it never really matters what kind of essay it is. I simply want the reader to find my writing worth their while. Another strength of mine would be the use of big words. My vocabulary had sprouted over the past couple of years so I tend to throw a couple of complex vocabulary in my essays. For this essay, some words were looked up in a thesaurus. I really dislike using simple words like sad and happy because they just seem so boring and outdated. That was basically it for my strengths at the beginning of the semester. There was nothing too impressive about them. In that essay, my weaknesses over powered my strengths greatly. It was what I expected, but what I didn’t expect was …show more content…
That’s exactly what I did. The title for this essay was named “Donald Trump for President?” All I did was find two different articles and just compare them. This essay really displayed the writer that I have truly become. The essay started off with one of my strengths, as always, and quickly got straight to the whole purpose of the writing. Right after that, I then began to state facts, never getting off topic. It also had no irrelevant content. My weaknesses have been conquered. I ended up receiving an A for the essay. Although it seemed pretty good, I will always have a soft weakness somewhere. Things like spelling and grammar always have a tendency of creeping up on me. One day, I know I will become a strong writer, but for right now, I’m pretty satisfied with the progress that I have mad in just one semester of college. It’s all thanks to the resources provide and the professors who corrected my writing mistakes. I will reach that stage where a five page essay will sound like a simple paragraph and my weaknesses will be nothing more than putting the wrong date at the top of the

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