My Reflection On Teaching Special Education Essay

926 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
I have learned so much for my 30 hours of observation, and believe it will make me a better educator in the future. Doing my observation in the various classrooms really helped me observe different ways of handling tense situations. Some of the ways I will definitely implement while other ways were more of example of what not to do. These 30 hours really drove home the fact that every student is unique and that uniqueness should be addressed in a way that is fitting to them. Every student needs a teacher that will observe them and make a plan that is best fitting to them. This requires a lot of time and effort from the teacher, but it is most beneficial to the student. Every student deserves a chance to succeed and if we hinder their abilities because we believe they are unable then we are doing a disservice to the student.

I also leaned though this process that teaching special education requires immense amount patient’s but if you provide that patients you are going to see amazing results from your students. Teaching special education requires teachers to use different strategies than they would in a general education classroom. These teaching strategies can include specialize materials, equipment, and services provided to the students. Using these tools and strategies can benefit the student in ways that may not be realized initially, but that can have a profound effect on a student that believes because of their limitations they are not capable of completing a task…

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