Reflection Of A Special Education Teacher

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Throughout this entire book I enjoyed how the writers made everything so simplified. Being a special education teacher is not easy. Adding a ton of acronyms to that makes it even worse. It was nice to get the basics in a way that helped me understand what it was talking about. With this book and through my work with students who have special needs, it made me feel a lot more confident about knowing how to help these students. The first thing in the book that I remember relating to was about a student’s behavior. The chapter talked about what caused the behavior, what the behavior was, and the consequence to the behavior. From my limited experience working with some students who have an emotional disturbance I have seen that sometimes there is no trigger to a negative behavior. Something as small as a teacher asking a student to remove their hood in the class had the student going into a fit of rage. Before the teacher even knew it she was hit in the face by the student. When the student came out of that they really were apologetic. Behavior are something that is tricky to deal with and is unique to each and every child. At Clairview one way to help track a students behavior was through a behavior sheet. These sheets were the students’ responsibility to make sure the teacher filled it out every class period and to be …show more content…
They all have their own personalities and strengths. On the other hand they also have different needs and things that they struggle with. The thing that I think I will take away the most is how individualized special education really is. There is the IEP, the behavioral plans, social stories, task analysis, instructional programs and much, much more. Students who have a moderate to severe disability need a lot of supports to help them. However the amount of work that has to put in, the child being able to complete a hurdle is worth every minute in the

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