Essay On My Concept Of Literacy

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I don't feel that I have a very solid understanding of literacy, but these are some basic definitions of what I think about it.

Literacy is the ability to read and write and can be assessed at various levels.

Writing is a means of communication of ideas or emotions to either another person or an audience of people. Anyone can write for a multitude of reasons, given that they know how to physically write or speak. Some people are published authors or online bloggers, and others just write for fun or as a daily chore. To write means to record or communicate a thought, idea, or event. It can be done almost anywhere, as long as you have the means to record what you want to say (paper, online, or any other kind of physical recording). In addition to being able to be done anywhere, it can be done anytime. There are many reasons to write. Writing can be done as a way to record events, report current news, tell a story, or express opinions. It can also be used as a way to communicate with people. You can write using a pen and paper, or an online program such as Word. You can also write using podcasts, infographics, and other digital media forms. Texting, emailing, and social media is a form of writing as well. I feel that my strength as a writer centers around my attention to grammar. I really like formatting and structure, and I think grammar is something that I am good at. I also enjoy writing down and planning my weeks- so organizational
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My original perception of literacy was mostly undefined with little background knowledge. I didn’t think of literacy as a socially constructed and malleable thing. I also didn’t think that it was composed of multiple parts, and could be applied in a variety of situations. When I heard literacy, I immediately thought of the ability to read and write and imagined a map similar to this one which depicts different countries'

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