My Reflection Of Different Characters From The Bible

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Over the course of this semester, I was reminded of different characters from the Bible that I remember learning about from religion class growing up. I was reintroduced to Samuel, Saul, David, Jonathan, and Absalom. Learning about these characters now was different then learning about them when I was younger because I have developed more as a person and now see things differently than before. I was able to make new connections for these biblical characters as well as learn new things from analyzing these characters during our class discussions.
Samuel is considered a “miracle child” because his mother Hannah was unable to have children but God answered her prayers and opened her womb and giving birth to Samuel. From a young age, Samuel always
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David grew up in not the idealist of situations. He was chosen to fight Goliath, a warrior that nobody could take down. David was very faithful to God from the very beginning. However, David wasn’t a perfect person and committed many sins such as taking Uraiah’s wife Bathsheba. One thing that was for certain was that David loved his family no matter what happened. David loved his son even thought he tried to kill him. This shows David’s compassion that he had for his blood. Learning about David’s faith in God really inspired me to try to be more like David and have that amount of faith in God. Reading about David has taught me that God has a plan for everything in our lives and that everything happens for a …show more content…
Jonathan was really a good friend of David and I kind of saw David as being his mentor and coach. For instant, Jonathan can be seen as a brave man when he raided a Philistine outpost with only his armor. He defeated 20 Philistines along the way and was saved by God’s grace when an earthquake occurred and destroyed his enemies. His own father sentenced Jonathan to death because he disobeyed his father by eating honey after his battle. His father ordered that nobody should be allowed to eat while the fighting goes on. As a result, Jonathan was ordered by his own father to be killed. Luckily for Jonathan, the army got in the way and didn’t allow this to happen. The reason for the army coming in and saying not to kill Jonathan was because people looked up to Jonathan because of his courage. Jonathan was a prime example for people to follow because of his unwavering faith in God. Jonathan’s faith in God is shown when he chooses to side against his father. Jonathan chooses God over his family, which is something that only a person with amazing faith can

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