My Reflection As A Student Teacher Essay

1451 Words Aug 20th, 2015 null Page
My reflection as a student teacher, through my program of study in the Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood teaching with Macquarie University, provides evidence and enhances my professional growth in three of Macquarie University’s Graduate Capabilities. Macquarie University furnishes their students with Graduate Capabilities that will enable them to reach their full potential with competencies and exchangeable knowledge regardless of the discipline. Graduate Capabilities also equip graduates to endow themselves with a good career and profession with high quality and excellent standards (Barrie, 2006; Higher Education Council, 1992; Macquarie University, 2008).
As this is my last unit, I fully believe that the progression in my program of study is at the peak where Graduate capabilities has provided me with a broad understanding of my professional knowledge and development. The program of studying has been very rewarding in my early childhood teaching career and this is the best opportunity for me to justify my graduate capabilities in the children’s service sector.
ECH222, Early Childhood Reflective Practice 2 and ECH435, Management & Leadership 2: Building Learning Environments, helped me to attain my first Graduate capability, Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills. During on-campus days, these units introduced me to the practice of, “Being, Becoming & Belonging in Early Childhood” and “National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument”. With the help of this…

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