My Reasons For Becoming A Registered Nurse

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The pursuit to graduate with my bachelor of science degree in nursing has been a long journey. There have been adversities along the way. However, I can proudly state, “I am closer than I have ever been.” The same adversities, having twins, gave me new reasons for obtaining my registered nursing degree. The life experiences that I have had, a desire to grow within the field of nursing, and my personal goals for my own education are now the reasons that I have for becoming the registered nurse I have always yearned to would become. One of my personal life experiences not only ignited, but help redefine why I wanted to become a registered nurse. In July of 2009 I gave birth to premature twins. They were born at thirty-six weeks’ gestation. …show more content…
The question on so many forms and applications that asks, whether or not you are the first in your family to go to college, is embarrassing for me. My father has his degree in business, and mother in social work. I want my children to be able to say the same thing in regards to their parents. This is one reason for furthering my education; however, it is not the biggest reason. The ability to provide exceptional and full care to my patients is the most important reason for me to further my education. Once I obtain my BSN degree, I will not be required have to ask another nurse to provide care to my patient simply because I am only a vocational nurse. According to the Texas Board of Nursing, licensed vocational nurses can give intravenous medications, including blood. However, the facilities have their own limitations on what licensed vocational nurses are permitted to do. I have never worked in a facility that allowed a vocational nurse to administer blood. If my patient required a blood transfusion, I would have to request a registered nurse to assist with my patient care, and initiate the blood transfusion. I yearn to have the education, knowledge, and skills to provide exceptional care to my patients in all aspects of nursing care, and not have to rely on someone else to assist with my patient care. Obtaining my bachelor degree of science in nursing will

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