My Pursuit Of Advancing My Abilities Essay

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Throughout this course I have learned many useful and important ideas to use in my pursuit of advancing my abilities to be a leader. From the books we studied to the topics we examined in class, I found many items to be enlightening. In this paper, will provide the details of those ideas and who I will be barrowing them from. Additionally, I will explain why I feel there important to keep in mind as I progress through my career. We discussed many great ideas but these are the few that will be predominately on my mind and applied to the situations I will encounter through my career. The authors of the book Influencer, believe “what qualifies people to be “leaders” is their capacity to be influence others to change their behavior in order to achieve important results” (2013, p.6). Usually when one speaks about a leader most people picture that powerful movie character that stands up, strongly and finds a way to get others to follow his lead in pursuit of something. Which in theory that is what leader does, but in reality it is usually done in a manner that lacks that heroic and dramatic flair shown on the big screen. The book Influencer provides what the authors feel are the six sources for how to appeal to other individuals for the purpose of influencing then to follow you in whatever your quest maybe. These sources can be explained as finding a way to connect with the individual to motivate them and help them develop the abilities to work toward the goal you have laid out.…

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