My Position For A Public Health Coordinator At University Essay

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1st Peter 4:10 “Use your God given gifts to serve others” is a Bible scripture that has been instilled in me for as early as I can remember. With the constant reminder of this verse I can say that I have been on a quest my entire life looking for my “gift”. During my final few semesters at Purdue University I realized the very thing I have been looking for my whole life had presented itself through an internship and just a few courses.
I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the Public Health Coordinator at A.H. Ismail Center. My position primarily consisted of coordinating, and developing health education programs which aimed at the geriatric population. The position allowed me to work with these individuals to come up with different health plans that would be suitable for their individual health goals. During my internship, I was also taking an Epidemiology course and a Methods of Health Promotion and Education course. It was during this time that I became absolutely fascinated with Public Health and all the different aspects of it. Taking these courses introduced me to epidemiology, I studied how certain diseases impact defined populations and was also educated on how to effectively create programs to improve those populations. Therefore, my knowledge of public health grew. I was fortunate enough to get to learn this all awhile applying it as an intern, it was such a breathtaking experience.
Since my internship I have been on the pursuit to expand my…

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