Essay on My Position As A Team

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My position as a Team Lead this past year has been a great opportunity to build on my strengths, improve my weaknesses, and develop new talents. Over the past year I have worked diligently on developing myself to become a better employee and coworker. I have tried my best to continue to be approachable and friendly not only with the agents, but also with everyone I come in contact with, in building and in the community during volunteer events. I have strived to make myself flexible and available whenever needed.

At the beginning of 2015 I was assigned to Queue Hawk three days a week and spent the remaining two days answering the rotary line. This was a schedule I enjoyed, because I consider Queue Hawking as one of my strengths. It is a job that requires full focus and I enjoy the constant interaction with the agents. Queue Hawking has become a job I am very confident and comfortable with. I have developed a good understanding of the numbers and how the call volume affects Occupancy and Service Level, and I am able to make decisions regarding these numbers confidently when trying to reach the goals outlined by the Manager on Call for that day.

One of the main struggles I have worked on improving over the past year is answering the rotary. Escalation calls have always been intimidating for me personally. In the past, handling a customer who is irate has been a very stressful situation, causing me to panic and struggle through handling the customer. I am glad to say…

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