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I do not like planes. I love to travel, but on the other hand I do not fancy being 30,000 feet in the air. Despite this, I should not complain considering I am fortunate enough to travel every summer to Italy for a month and savor the rich Italian culture. My family and I use this opportunity to visit my Italian grandparents at their summer home in Sardegna (an Italian island below France’s Corsica). Since there are no direct flights to the island, there are only two other options: take an overnight ferry or an hour connecting flight to one of the island’s major cities, Olbia, from Rome. During the summer of 2012, my grandfather decided it would be a wonderful experience for him to show my family where he grew up in Naples. This seemingly quick plane trip to Naples ended up turning into a much bigger event than expected. It was seemingly a splendid Italian summer day: hot, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. My family - which consists of six people: my mom, dad, my three sisters, and myself - and my grandparents went through security quickly, which is a blessing since booking a flight out of Olbia is awfully difficult to accomplish. The plane was complexity filled - 146 people to be percise. My family was separated during …show more content…
Everyone came out of their crash landing positions and clapped for a safe return to Olbia. It was later discovered soon found out a bird-strike caused all of the commotion. Being on that plane was probably one of the scariest situation that happened in my life. The majority of people take flying for granted and often forget how dangerous it can be. Being in this “aluminum can” with only one engine is one of the helpless feelings in the world since there is nothing one can change to fix the situation. I often stop my dad from clapping at the conclusion of a flight to save myself from embarrassment, nevertheless we should all clap since it is incredible to be safe back on the

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