The Benefits Of The Ontario Student Assistance Program

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What is OSAP? The Ontario Student Assistance Program or OSAP is an Ontario and federal government funded program aiding students with funding their post-secondary education. OSAP offers grants; free money that does not have to be paid back and student loans that have to be paid back. OSAP offers money to students attending any public or private postsecondary schools in the world, as long as OSAP recognizes it. When filling in an application a student has access to different financial aid programs and can have their entire education covered depending on the student’s situation.
Who Can Get OSAP? Ontario residents who are protected, permanent or Canadian citizens are eligible for OSAP. Eligibility and specific funding are based upon parental
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Depending upon your program, living expense, parental income, personal income and assets, book costs and other costs associated with post secondary education the amount of money you receive will change. The maximum amount of funding a full-time student can receive for one year (single with no dependants) is approximately $12,240. The maximum funding a full time student can receive for one year (married/common-law, or has dependants) is approximately $19,040. OSAP funding is based off of a formula; cost of post-secondary education minus expected financial contributions is the financial need for that student. Depending on a student’s factors they can receive a significant amount of funding and can still apply to scholarships, grants and bursaries to cover the …show more content…
As my father has worked for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for almost twenty years as his dependant I am eligible to apply for one of thirty-eight $1,500 scholarships. Requirements for the scholarship include that the applicant is in grade 12 and attending postsecondary after they graduate, or currently enrolled in a post-secondary program and have not already received a scholarship from TTC113. Applicants are chosen by their grade 12 academic standings, the highest averages of your top six marks will be rewarded. To apply the student must fill out an application form and have proof that you are the dependant of a TTC employee or retiree and have the TTC member submit it to the division they work/worked

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