Reflective Essay: Finding My Place In Writing

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Finding My Place In Writing
It started out just like any other paper. I was sitting there at my desk, looking at my empty word document with only the header filled out. Just sitting there waiting for the right words to formulate in my mind so I can start this paper. And just like many other papers, nothing comes to mind. “I hate writing” I would say to myself as I push myself to write this paper. This is the basic routine for me and writing. I get assigned a paper that I am uninterested in writing and have to force myself to write a paper I hate. Where 's the fun in that? Isn’t writing suppose to be a enjoyable experience?
I feel like this is how many people feel about writing. Being assigned paper after paper and being criticized on how you write on every paper. After awhile you start to hate the whole idea of writing and dread even writing a simple paper. It seems like you can never do it just right, no matter what you do. After a while it felt like writing just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until that one paper in my high school Composition class that.
Let 's rewind a bit. Up until this paper, it was an endless onslaught of essays that wanted to focus one one thing. Me. “Jacob, write about the most interesting thing that has
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I found a format that I enjoyed writing in. First once I didn’t have to write about myself, but about something I was interested in. I wasn’t dreading about writing, but infact excited to write. It was a revelation to me and made me enjoy writing for a change. What I’ve learned is that everyone, no matter how much they hate writing, has some sort of style that they can enjoy writing in. And once they find that style, I believe that people can start enjoying writing as a whole, knowing that they do not hate it. After finishing the research paper, I started to demise writing less and less, and started to enjoy writing as a whole. I hope others can find their niche as well and start enjoying

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