My Philosophy : Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that education is a necessity and very vital to the development of human beings and to the world. It’s important that we record and collect, past events, findings and other important information, that would be passed down to the next generation and the generations to come. Teaching is the reason, the cause and core of technology, science, and everything else. Without the knowledge of the past we would not be able to advance into the future. For example, as an adolescent we are taught about our surroundings and how we are to adapt to it, which makes us become better people and individuals. Not all students learn the same way. Some are visual learners, others are verbal learners while the rest might learn from repetition and practice. There is no one correct way of teaching, therefore it’s important that teachers figure out what teaching method fits best for their students. Other factors of how a student best learns includes, how comfortable and confident the student is at school and in the classroom. I think physical appearance and the environment that student learn in, contributes to the success of child. For example, my favorite school location was where the school was surrounded by large island hills and in a remote place outside of town. I felt at peace and a sense of happiness when I was there. Students also learn best when they are surrounded by optimistic and…

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