My Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My philosophy of teaching is closely intertwined with my philosophy of life, so it is organic and constantly evolving. I am always learning new things and re-evaluating previous assumptions, so I do not have a fixed philosophy, and perhaps never will. I believe that learning has all potentialities: it can involve hard work, fun, creativity, frustration, intuition, disbelief, wonder, and those rewarding “aha” moments. Although I do not adhere to a static or fixed philosophy, there are a few important ideas that I hold to be true.
The strongest part of my teaching philosophy is seeing the teacher as one small part of a much larger whole. The teacher is just one aspect of the students’ learning. Learning by its very nature is about change, and so I think the teacher needs to be aware of this, in being genuinely concerned about the students. Students are individuals and thus they bring unique backgrounds, assumptions, ideals, confidence levels, and aspirations to the class. As a teacher, I have to determine what they need. This is constantly changing, what works for one class might not work in another. So there needs to be flexibility and creativity to deal with this flux. As a teacher I try to see myself in a supportive role, as a mentor, not as someone who is sitting in judgment and unwilling to accommodate different needs. However, I do have high expectations, and strive to truly challenge the students within the zone of proximal development.
Keeping this in mind, if there…

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