My Philosophy Of Education : Teaching And Decision Making Essay

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My Philosophy of Education "Every person who has a reflectively held point of view about basic values and assumptions has a philosophy of education." (Phenix, 1961, 4). In order to be a distinguished teacher, the most important question that I must answer is: As a teacher, what is my philosophy of education? In other words, what is my position that is conveyed in my ideals, purpose, teaching and decision making? My educational philosophy is a document that will serve as a guide and inspires me throughout my teaching career. Overall, educational philosophies should influence how and what students are taught by their teachers. Most philosophies that educator conveys can be categorized in various ways, but the philosophy that I adhere to is the technical concept of education. When creating my technical, conceptual based philosophy on education, I consider these four questions: What is the purpose of education? What should everyone learn?; What is an excellent teacher?; and What is the school overall responsibilities. (Guillaume, 2016)?
What is the purpose of education? Controversy over the purpose of education is a never ending debate. The philosophy of education is the use of a set of values that create a fundamental system to use as the basis for guiding and evaluating educational practices and planning. As a teacher, I believe the purpose of education is to aid students to achieve at their highest level and set accountable goals or standards for students. Education…

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