Essay on My Philosophy Of Education And Education

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The phrase, “Knowledge is power,” is influential in the school setting. Parents send their children to school because they want them to receive a quality education. They understand the demand for learning because you must learn in order to be knowledgeable. Our world relies on knowledge. Without knowledge, one cannot make progress, expand on what one already knows, or be an asset to society. Our world has reached a point in which it needs influential, intelligent members of society. With the latest issues, such as technological races, potent wars, and struggling education, these members are a necessity. As children grow up, they have the potential to become life-changing individuals. My philosophy of education is a combination of several different philosophies because I believe that individuals have many different sides to them; therefore, it is necessary to combine the ideals of the philosophies in order to reach a solid foundation of beliefs in education. In order to reach that point of intelligence, children must gain knowledge. Knowledge does not appear out of nothingness. Children are not born with all of the knowledge of the world. Instead, they must discover new knowledge as they grow up. This idealistic view is simple yet powerful. In addition to idealism, the idea that God contains all of the knowledge we could ever discover and obtain resembles religious realism. Therefore, all of the knowledge in the world has already been created. One cannot waste time trying…

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