My Classroom: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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The true goal of education is to enrich children with all the opportunities that come from learning regardless of where they come from or what their background is. I believe that the purpose of education is to help create a better world for ourselves. When children are educated they create a better life for themselves. Children who are given the opportunity to learn in a sustainable environment are able to be successful later on in life. My teaching philosophy includes the use of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence and interpersonal intelligence, I believe learning should take place in a positive and open minded environment. Children learn the best when they have no stress or pressures at home. However, for some students, this “perfect” environment …show more content…
I believe an organized classroom is essential when you have 25-30 children in a certain area. Children that see disorganization may become disorganized themselves. It is important to have structure in the class and an organized classroom can provide that. I also believe that a classroom should have plenty of color and student decorations around the walls. Children are then able to see their hard work being displayed after a lesson and this can boost their self confidence. Children should also have plenty of natural light coming into their classrooms, this can keep them awake and alert. Children need to feel like they are wanted in classroom discussion. I also believe that children need a support system to allow them to grow to their fullest potential. Teachers can play a big role in a child’s support system. A child may not get the support from home so when they come to school it is important for me to be there for that child. It is also important for children’s feedback to be acceptable. Children who feel like their voice matters are more likely to engage in a conversation about the lesson. I believe these are some of the basics that help students learn and

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