Essay on My Personality Type Is Esfj

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My personality type is ESFJ. Extravert (89%), Sensing (62%), Feeling (25%), Judging (67%). My personality type will help me in school. I talk to others and I am an outgoing student. I will be more aped to talk with other students by having conversation with other students. This could lead to better communication between me and other students. Being an extravert also helps me with working with others in a group. I do not have a problem communicating and expressing my views on topics. I am a very nurturing and friendly person and warm to others around me. I am a very observant student. I look at all the possibilities of the lesson or class I am working on. Organization is one great asset that I have. I make sure that I put everything on my calendar that has to be done. This will ensure that I have all of my journals, essays and test done and completed on time. Being timely and organized is a helpful thing as a student. My unique personality influences me as a student, it helps me to understand how to use the strengths and weaknesses I have. Some of my strengths are, an excellent protector, eager to serve others, wear my heart on my sleeve, and make others feel part of a group. I share a wide range of emotion during conversation. These strengths are very helpful to me and others around me in school. A weaknesses I have is, I can switch my attitude from 0 to 100 and back in no time at all, if you push the wrong buttons. I overload myself with work and other activities all the…

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