My Personality And My Strengths Essay

1715 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Throughout the course I learned about my personality and my strengths that I could use to my advantage for career options. The Type Coach Report diagnosed me as INFJ, an introvert-intuitive-feeler-judger, which ultimately meant that I am an idea generator. I have the tendency to find solutions that would create a positive impact on others for a long-term expectancy. The report mentioned that INFJ’s have “exceptional work ethic,” and I could not agree with a statement more. I have the mentality that hard work pays off which correlates with the Type Coach’s diagnosis for my strong work ethic. I usually do not remember concrete details because I focus on an abstract ideas the majority of the time. Because I focus more on abstract ideas I find myself writing detailed notes, I especially see this at work. I always have to write down a customer’s order on paper then transfer it over to the computer, by doing this I know I will get their order right and not forget anything. Most of my coworkers can listen to a customer and remember their exact order without having to write it down like myself. I am a people person, always putting other’s interests and emotions before my own. The Type Coach diagnosed me correctly with a high emotional intelligence. I try to avoid conflict or unnecessary tension because I realize the effects that would have on my intrapersonal relationships with others. I notice this about myself especially with my relationship with my boyfriend. I always have to…

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