Code Of Ethics: My Personal Moral Values

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Code of Ethics
An integral part of living is the choices that we face each day that shape our lives and create ourselves. We are constantly making moral decisions that reflect our own internal moral compass. Often times we are not aware of our personal moral values that drive our choices, and we may even be oblivious to the fact that the choices we are making have a moral component. Nevertheless, we all have many values that have been acquired over the course of our lives. Your values deal with every aspect of your experiences and influences. My core values include family, religion, respect, and honesty.
First, my family is something I value because no matter what happens, my family would always be there for me. Family is important because they provide love, support, and a framework of values to one another. As a family, we teach each other, serve one another and share life 's joys and sorrows. My family works together to overcome struggles and to provide happiness to each other. They are the building blocks of society and provide a setting for personal growth. They taught me the basic skills for life; how to walk, talk, eat, and other skills you learn at home. No matter how many good friends you have, they will never be there for you in the same manner as your family. I am lucky to have a family that cares
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I find my religion to be a necessary element of my life. These religious values represent the core principles that guide my daily decision making. My faith keeps me grounded because it lists out the things that are good and those that are bad. It is something that I can refer back to and depend on even when I am unable to reach my family, friends and so on. As humans, we crave meaning in our lives and I am able to find that through my spirituality. It provides the key to enjoying a truly satisfying life. My faith helps me to deal with everyday problems and provides relief by answering the numerous questions of my

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