Essay about My Personal Values And Values

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Values are important and all have a different meaning to each individual person. There are different types of values and people’s views on their or others values may differ. There are people with professional values or personal values. We also tend to form our values from friends, family, media, religion and other things throughout our lives. Values can alter and change depending on experiences that we may be going through or have had in the past these can be things like a birth or an illness or even things like divorce, marriage or even death of a loved one.
Three of my personal values are my family, my health and my work. I value my family as I have a wonderful partner and two children who have made me very proud throughout the years. My son who is attending university and my daughter who is at college, I would like to think my values have passed on to them as well as teaching them the way my parents taught me. My mother and father are both hard workers and always brought me up with their values and now those values are the same as mine.
My health because I have been very lucky to never have been seriously ill or had any health problems stopping me raising my children or furthering my education. My health is also very important to me as I work and I need to be in good health to do my job properly as well as running my house as well as studying at college.
My third value is my work because although it is not my dream job as it is not in care sector I am still grateful…

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