Values Culture And Socialization At The Mall Analysis

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Values, Culture, and Socialization at the Mall
Our group was assigned to take a trip to the Crossroads Mall in Portage, Michigan to observe others and keep track of twenty American values along with keeping a low profile and not making everything so noticeable. We did not ask for help and we made sure to stay communicating between our group. Even if we were approached by a greeting employee, we would just ensure them that we were just taking a look around the store. Values, Culture, and Socialization are the three main topics that were observed while being at the mall while with my group.
Values are ideas held by individuals or groups about what is desirable, proper, good, and bad. What individuals value is strongly influenced by the specific
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Some examples of cultural diffusion or cultural leveling inside of the mall was multiple cultures that were introduced to each other in certain stores throughout the mall. For an example, the store, Sleeping tiger, which is a store mainly for personal or gifting needs, containing hippy, Chinese and Japanese items, Baja peace clothing, bright colors and dreamcatchers. The only example that we could find on U.S cultural diversity were Indian men and women shopping at American. Some Indian women shopped inside of Forever 21for scarfs used as a hijab. A hijab is veil traditionally worn by Muslim women. Norms and Folkways took place at the mall as well. Standing in line at the fitting rooms or the register check out line, walking normally instead of running, saying excuse me or using polite manners, holding the doors open for the people who are behind you, and greeting others by communicating and making facial expressions. Meanwhile, there were violations of the Norms and Folkways. Speaking loudly and shouting just to communicate, opening unpurchased items, dancing inside of a store, children behaving independently, and are left unsupervised. The mall also represents subcultures and countercultures. The subcultures could be related to a store called Spencer’s, which sells items that relate to current day situation from politics to sex. They advertised Presidential debates, such as t-shirts with Donald Trump, down to sex items and toys. The countercultures we seen were Mandarin Gifts is an anime store with Chinese designs inside that sales bug candies. In the United States, bug candy consumption is not a part of our culture and more than likely not prefer to eat

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