Values, Culture, And Socialization At The Mall Essay

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Values, Culture, and Socialization at the Mall
Our group was assigned to take a trip to the Crossroads Mall in Portage, Michigan to observe others and keep track of twenty American values along with keeping a low profile and not making everything so noticeable. We did not ask for help and we made sure to stay communicating between our group. Even if we were approached by a greeting employee, we would just ensure them that we were just taking a look around the store. Values, Culture, and Socialization are the three main topics that were observed while being at the mall while with my group.
Values are ideas held by individuals or groups about what is desirable, proper, good, and bad. What individuals value is strongly influenced by the specific culture in which they happen to live. While visiting the Crossroads Mall, we found examples of the value of romance and love in two stores, Kay Jewelers and Victoria Secret.. Inside of Kay Jewelers, wedding photos from different sceneries held along the walls. Some took place on tropical beaches with the water a shade darker than the sky with a beautiful bride and a very lucky groom. Other photos were of the expensive diamond rings or heart shaped, silver necklaces. These symbolized love and how most people in America express their love for their significant other. Then, we soon found Victoria Secret which we all felt was apart of romantic love. Victoria Secret is known for sexy lingerie that women normally wear for their spouse. The…

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