My Personal Values And Ethics Essay

1613 Words Nov 25th, 2014 7 Pages
• Background We are constantly learning and developing our skills through every day interactions. All my actions and emotions are determined by personal values and ethics. Growing up on a farm in a small city in Poland helped me get an insight on a different level of life. My parents, siblings and educators had the biggest impact on the development of my basic personal values. By observing my mom I learned the importance of family, integrity, responsibility and hard work. My mom was able to raise 6 children, manage the farm and work a full time job without help from our mostly absent father. Being the youngest out of 6 children I observed the amazing structure that my mom created to help run our little household smoothly and to inspire the teamwork among my siblings. My mom encouraged us to work hard, go above and beyond our role in the family and never settle for less than what we strived for. I established my first value – responsibility, doing my chores on the farm and around the household since I was about 7 years old. One of the most important lessons that my mom taught me was, that if you have to do something, if you have some kind of responsibility then there are no excuses not to do your best every single time. My parents’ highest level of education was high school, even though they could not afford sending us to college, we were all determined to move beyond our modest background and aspired to achieve higher education and better life standards. My siblings…

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