My Personal Strengths: The View Of Others

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The View Of Others


I asked three of my closest family members to gibe me their honest opinions of the strengths that I possess. My aunt Julie, my uncle rusty and my cousin Ethan have been there for me through thick and thin. If I need some guidance I have always found solace in them they are never afraid to guide me, steer me back on the straight and narrow or just listen to me when I need to talk. My aunt feels one of my biggest strengths is the fact I am good with people. Aunt Julie stated " You have a way with people and they grow to love, trust and value your input." Ethan explains " You’re a hard worker there are not many women I know that can sling a hay bales for fourteen hours and then get on the floor and play
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I would never find someone who has opinions, strong back bone and facts to back it up wrong. I don’t mind listening to someone 's opinion but it doesn’t mean I have to agree or put a filter on to keep their feelings from being hurt. I don’t believe in sugar coating anything and the only ones I am gentle towards are children I would never crush a child 's spirit but an adult telling me I shouldn’t own a gun, believe in God or listen to a certain kind of music well that’s an entirely different situation. I noticed when it came to my strengths we were on the same page. I do find hardworking, good with people, and smart to be strengths and I think I possess these strengths to a certain …show more content…
I know that I have enough grit to get me through anything and an endless supply of determination. My will to succeed and the power to never give up hasn’t failed me yet. The Big Five Personality it most relates with is Conscientious because I have a strict schedule when it comes to my schooling. I know what I want, how I want it done, and when I want it done by. My education is important to me it doesn’t define me as a person but it makes me want to continue to do my best and make myself

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