My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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My mom once said “You can do anything if you have the right mind set.” Her inspirational words encourage me to further my career pathways and education. She also helped with my confidence and told me that I need to believe in myself that I can do it. My mom has been the biggest influence in my life. She has been with me through tough and good times. I always come to her about anything going on in my life. She encourages me to overcome my fears and obstacles. She has influenced me to be the person I have become.
On a bright sunny day, my mom and I were sitting on the porch with a cup of iced tea. The breeze felt nice rolling through our hair as we propped our legs up in the chairs. The feel of relaxation filled in the air. My mom said “I need to talk to you about something serious.” with a stern tone. When my mom says that I know something bad is going on. She wanted to talk to me about a job she wanted me to try out. I had a sense of relief after she told me that. I was so excited and nervous like butterflies in my stomach. I said to her with an anxious tone “Tell me”. “Well we need more CNA’s at my job so they want you to work out there and take the class.” she said. My reaction wasn’t the best towards this job she wanted although she was very excited to tell me about this job. At first, I was kind of scared and didn’t want to even work at that job. I told my mom that “It is too hard and it would be hard to transition to CNA.” My mom said “Selena you can do anything you…

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