My Personal Statement On My Goals Essay

868 Words Jul 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Part two of the finding meaning, joy and happiness project has really made me think about my goals in life and how my current behavior is contributing to those goals. Thinking of my core values helped me see if I was being the person I want to be. Realizing what I think negatively about and my coping strategies helped me feel like I have some control over my emotions. The core values I choose to focus on were family/love, honesty/communication, and punctuality. Family and love is so important to me. My family growing up was not very emotionally there; they were great and always financially there, but emotionally not so much. I took a lot of value in creating my own family and expressing my love to friends and significant others. Honesty and communication go hand in hand for me with family and love. To have a good relationship of any kind you need to be honest and have good communication. If you are not honest with a person, they feel they cannot talk to you about how they feel. At least I know that is how I feel. Punctuality is another big one for me. If someone is continually late, I find it very hard to have a good relationship with them. I hate waiting on others, and I hate waiting people wait for me even more. Obviously things happen, and you cannot always be on time because life happens. It is those who are continually late and do not care that I have a hard time being close with. I am my own worse critic, I often find myself thinking negative about myself. A huge…

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