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Before I begin, I should admit that I actually tidied up my personal space before starting this project. However, despite the voice in my head telling me to arrange everything in a manner that was worthy to be on the pages of elle decor, I ended up tidying only my work desk because it would have felt too unnatural, and would not reflect the “habitus” that we have been talking about in our class discussions. However, upon reflection, I suppose this has alot to do with how I was brought up as well.
“Make sure your rooms are clean before people come. You don’t want them thinking you live in a pigs sty” my mother would say before we had any guests over. This dress practice log feels almost similar; except that in this case, there are no physical guests; just readers. However, the fact that someone is going to be reading about how I get dressed, and looking at images of my clothing or personal space reigns in close enough. This puts into context what Joanne Entwistle states in The Dressed Body about how “the body’s margins and boundaries are rich in symbolic meaning and the focal point of cultural an individual anxieties”.
With that said, This is my dress practice log for the week dating 2nd to 9th October 2015.

Friday October 2, 2015
Weather: Cloudy, wet, and cold.
Morning: I try to exercise three to four times per week. When I do, I usually dress in clothing that allows me to have full range of motion. To match this overcast day, I have on a pair of dark grey capris, a…

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