My Personal Philosophy Of Leadership Essay

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My Personal Philosophy of Leadership
Katina King
Brenau University My Personal Philosophy of Leadership
How I differentiate management from leadership in my life. After pondering over all the different definitions of management and leadership, I have determined that the two functions are similar but are not the same. I understand management to be the process of overseeing people or groups performing organizational tasks. However, my personal philosophy of leadership is the process of influencing the organizational culture where tasks are to be done. For example, the managers at a news station are the persons who make sure that the news is delivered to the audience at specific times. The leaders of a news station will be the persons who motivate reporters to report stories that have the quality and content that aligns with the culture of the news station’s sustainability. According to Vineet Nayar (2013), “Management consists of controlling a group or a set of entities to accomplish a goal and leadership refers to an individual’s ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward organizational success” (pg.1). Leaders are the influencing force that helps set the tone and mindset of the people who are doing tasks. Therefore, I will entitle my personal leadership philosophy “Help me help you”. Leaders can only be effective if their followers are working at their best potential. My “Help me help you” concept focuses on the leader building…

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