My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

702 Words Feb 13th, 2015 3 Pages
My Personal Teaching Philosophy I believed that education should be responsive to current ideas and problems. Students both learn from experiences as well as become transformed by them. Instruction must be individualized to meet the need of the individual. I share and practice the axiology of John Dewey in which, “the school, itself, is a community of students and teachers who are mutually engaged in learning. It is a specialized environment in which experienced are simplified, purified and balanced. Since the environment is complex, experiences are simplified according to the level of learning readiness of students and arise from their own interests” (Gutek, p. 76). Instruction must challenge the student to illicit growth. According to John Dewey Dewy the pragmatist stated “The successful life is one in which individuals and groups encounter, define and solve problems. These problems are the challenges that test our abilities and develop our intelligence. They lead to our ongoing growth and development” (Gutek, p.73). From personal experience as an instructor, I found most students thrive in a problem solving environment. Students take ownership of…

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