Reflective Essay: Myself As An Exceptional Writer

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Before AP Senior English, I viewed myself as an exceptional writer; I soon learned I was mistaken. Beginning with my first essay, I realized that I had a lousy habit of writing vaguely and simple. However, I was not without competence. My strengths included organization and writing conventions, which are highlighted in my college essay. As I developed, my word choice improved tremendously. One can see this development I have achieved over the semester throughout this portfolio. The greatest accomplishment achieved this semester, is my word choice. My first essay had a myriad of simple words; therefore, I used the thesaurus on the rest of my compositions. Looking over my essays multiple times, I was able to discover various words to upgrade, which gave my essay professionalism. My biggest challenge and what I need to continue to evolve, is my vagueness. I tend to obscurely explain statements I make. Between my first two essays, one can see the considerable improvement in this specific area; nevertheless, I still struggle with it. Both mistakes are a substantial aspect of my first essay, and because I struggled so much, I was able to improve immensely. This portfolio includes my first three essays I have written this semester; I have made many improvements to them. The first essay written …show more content…
Throughout the writing process, I thoroughly researched to prove my point of view and it made my paper highly effective. More importantly, I was able to determine mistakes that I would not have seen before. For example, I found each statement that I had written that was vague and gave background to each one. Also, my word choice, once again, was improved. A truly impressive aspect of my essay is my skills in organization. From the beginning of the semester, I was excellent with my organization and it is evident in this paper. This is by far my finest composition this

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