Personal Essay: Why I Want To Study Psychology

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My Personal Essay
I want to major in Psychology at CSU Stanislaus. I plan to pursue a Bachelor 's than afterward a Master 's degree. My dream job is to become a College Counselor. I want to make an impact on people as I move through life. I want to make a difference. Recently I put my hand in and started volunteering for my community. Volunteering made a big impact on my life. At first I started volunteering at a local retirement to my community called “The Hampshire Retirement Home” to earn up my volunteer credits so I would get a special cord at graduation. Four months after completing all my hours I still volunteered every week at this retirement home. It helped to shape my thoughts on community and helping those around us. Just recently
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These qualities about myself work well with the major I have choose Psychology in a perfect blend. I didn’t grow up with that perfect white picket fence yet I managed to enjoy and overcome all the bumpy roads in my life. I was raised by a single mother who always did and has done her best for me no matter the struggles. Money growing up as a child was extremely tight for a time, and even though it 's still tight it has drastically improved as I grew older. For a short period of time I had my awkward relationship with my father. To put it simple he didn’t understand how to be a good role model. Even though I grew up without much of a father I would never give up my childhood because it made me the person I am today. I am what many would call extremely close to my mom’s family. Family is important to me. Family has been a big part of me growing as a person. About three years ago I started going to my aunt’s house every friday what she came to call “Steve Day” which was basically the one day my cousins were guaranteed my aunt would make them dinner. Over time Friday has become the day most of my family meets up at my aunt 's house and we all have dinner. I grew up in a small town called Snelling and went to a K-8th school for most of my childhood there with

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