Biopsychosocial Approach Essay

Marena McLeod Introduction to Psychology 03 Assignment #1
A Biopsychosocial Approach to My College Adjustment

When looking at myself introspectively, it is important to acknowledge both the good and the bad, strengths and weaknesses in tandem. While I am academically intelligent and, in general, emotionally stable, I am also struggling with anxiety over my financial situation and an irregular sleeping pattern. In addition, I find my personality works both for and against me. I haven’t had trouble making friends because I am relatively easy-going and get along well with others. However, those same traits can lead to trouble if I am not careful because they make me a people pleaser at times. Nonetheless, I place a high value on education and
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My goal should be to encourage the things that have positive outcomes and moderate the things that do not. If sleep deprivation decreases my emotional stability, mental state, and self-control, I should pay attention to my sleep patterns, doing my best to get a healthy amount of rest. The need to stay up late usually arises from poor time management, so I need to take steps to be more productive during the day and avoid overloading myself. Being around people who value me makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Talking to my family members brings me joy. Working hard and seeing the results of my labor makes me feel accomplished. I should make time for these activities that promote a healthy mental and emotional state. When I feel frustrated with my ADHD, I can read scholarly articles to try and understand myself. Accepting that some parts of my brain are out of my control and finding a sense of normalcy in shared experiences can help me not be too harsh on myself and promote a more positive self-image. When I struggle with my anxiety, I can turn to scripture and godly people who want what’s best for me. All in all, how well I adjust to college has a lot to do with my biopsychosocial weaknesses and strengths, but it is far from out of my control. My actions in response to the possible outcomes decide my success as much as, if not more than the hand I’ve been

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