My Personal Definition Of Social Justice

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Defining Social Justice
Social justice, according to Novak (200), is “a specific habit of justice that is "social" in two senses” (p. 13). First, the term “social” indicates that the greater good of society is, just that, a social responsibility. Social justice is attained only by working together in all aspects of a community; political, governmental, cultural, and religious, etc. Second, the term “social” indicates that attaining true social justice depends on the facts that humans are “good” (Novak, 2000, p.13). Although this definition makes the concept of social justice seem a bit idealistic, I believe that it sets an important goal for my practice as a Child and Youth Care practitioner. In parts based on Novak’s (2000) definition of social
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Finally, I reflect on how my definition and experiences will translate to my practice with children, youth, and families.
My Definition of Social Justice
I base my definition of social justice on the notion of equal opportunity. Though it is easier said than done, achieving social justice entails that individuals have an acknowledgment of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and needs. As a Child and Youth Care worker, I will work closely with children and families advocating for social justice in in three key fields: the health care, the mental health, and the education.
Health Care System My definition of social justice in the field of health care focuses of acknowledgement of culture in assessment and treatment. The medical model used in North America is based

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