Random Family Analysis

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The author of Random Family continues to present a fascinating perspective on the lives of people associated with the street life. Adrian Nicole LeBlanc conveys the lives of people in lower socio-economic environments caught in the tumultuous cycle of drugs, prostitution, homelessness, and crime. The author depicts the existence of individuals who identify as the poor inhabitants of the urban areas whom all suffer from incarceration, deceitfulness, a life of crime, and the daily struggles associated with the life of people in the ghetto. The author manifests the behavior of such people as it pertains to the endeavor of survival within their environment.

There is a great disparity of psychological disorders that people suffer from as each has special cases explicitly linked to his or her cognitive development. Often, a child can develop an array of mental health disorders related to his or her biological or environmental circumstances he or she has inherited. Mental Health disorders prominently connect with children in lower
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Subsequent to breaking down into tears of disbelief, she sends Caesar a letter displaying her feelings of emotion to his perception of her existence. She adds that his perception of her is false, and she is no longer afraid of losing him as a result of her expressing her emotional feelings towards him any longer. Coco concludes the letter by iterating the fact that his next letter should be addressed to his children, which I believe signifies her devotion to Frankie as a serious relationship. In spite of this, Coco takes some of Caesars advice in the letter and begins to search for contraceptives to eliminate the possibilities of unwanted pregnancies. From a personal perspective, I believe she found some truth to in what he was saying and realized how her children are in fact victims of a non-parental

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