My Personal Definition Of Leadership Essay

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My personal definition of leadership is the ability of one person to get another person or a group of people to come together to accomplish a common goal. The leader of the group is the one who sets out the agenda or goal. Your personal leadership style is something that is never finalized; however, it is a constant work in progress. Your life experiences and every single interaction you have throughout your life help mold and define your leadership style. According to Webster 's dictionary, the definition of leadership is, "a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc. : the time when a person holds the position of leader. : the power or ability to lead other people".

2. I was fortunate throughout my 21 year career to work for some great leaders as well as some not so great leaders and I learned just as much from both styles. As we stated earlier, all of your experiences and interactions in life help mold you into the leaders we are today. My personal mentor and favorite leader throughout my entire career would be Master Chief Boatswains mate (BMCM) Alex Marcotte. BMCM Marcotte has since passed away due to A.L.S. ( Lou Gehrig’s Disease). BMCM Marcotte was the Officer in Charge (OIC) of Station Galveston from 2001 – 2005, the entire four year block I was there as well. BMCM Marcotte was a great leader for several reasons: 1) During 9/11, I will never forget his steady and unflappable leadership as we divided the entire station in half and deployed half our crew 50…

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