Essay on My Personal Code Of Ethics

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My Personal Code of Ethics Though there are many values in life, there are four that I rate most important. In my list I will explain my hierarchy of values backwards of importance to me. Beginning with vision, I value vision because it is my gateway to escape a moment of despair or unpleasantry. Vision is created in my daydreams and my dreams which have provided a pathway to take my life wherever I want to go or wherever I can see myself in the future after dealing with the unfortunate present. My vision reminds me of hope, it fuels me and keeps me moving forward when I am my most tired. It reminds me that I am capable of progression in every aspect of life if I maintain the sight of the path I want to take towards my future. The next value on my list is integrity. I value integrity because it measures me, not by the level of impact that happens to me, but how I react and respond to what happens on that level of impact. It defines my character and the perception that others view me and I believe that as a person of integrity, trust, responsibility, and respect is developed within myself, as well as my relationships around me.
Though the two values before hold extreme significance, the most important value to me is love. Love is valued most in my life because of its power upon me when making decisions on how to react, respond, how to feel and the ability to empower, encourage and activate the growth of my other core values in life. The presence of love in my life, and…

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