My Passions In Computer Science

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Education and health care have been my two passions in life, fostered from childhood by my family, especially my grandparents, who believed in global education for women.

My interest in computer science sparked at a Digi-Girlz camp, where I met many women in a variety of jobs from biotech to entertainment. After witnessing the myriad opportunities in computer science, I started a Girls Who Code Club in my freshman year to foster that sense of community among my peers. It was a challenge initially to promote this concept to my peers. However, I persevered, and the club was successful in its first year, as my team and I won a Covergirl App Challenge and a scholarship of $5000 for our app, Global Palette, which promotes global women empowerment
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To this end, I founded Girls In STEM, an organization dedicated to promoting young women in science, particularly in computer science, where they are underrepresented. I created an outreach program to middle schoolers, where our volunteer mentors would teach girls about app building and robotics in a creative and nurturing environment. The Girls in STEM initiative has four goals. The first is to create a comforting and inclusive environment for young girls to explore technology careers. To this end, I organized a STEM Conference with Congressman Scott Peters and prominent women in technology to inspire the next generation of scientists.

The next goal of the program was to expand this program internationally, to girls who did not have any access or exposure to computer science. I undertook a service trip to India, where I taught destitute girls of Guild of Service basic computer and vocational skills.Their passion for learning and their insatiable curiosity were inspiring, and I was heartened and proud to see them apply these skills to create their own website. Our next mission is to raise funds to set up remote education from the US to the girls in Chennai, India and to bring them into our
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Both my grandmothers had breast cancer, my paternal grandmother succumbed to her illness when I was young. I was in my freshman year when my maternal grandmother was diagnosed and I accompanied her to radiation treatments at the Moores cancer center. I started volunteering at the center and was inspired to start a club and later a non- profit called Compassionate Caring. I raised close to a thousand dollars with fundraisers and a Gofundme campaign. The goal of this organization is to provide care packages and restaurant gift cards to newly diagnosed patients and caregivers at UCSD cancer centers. We have distributed over twenty packages and five hundred dollars worth of gift cards to cancer patients in the last six months. I created a cancer care app for patients to navigate clinical trials and support services in the local area. I am a volunteer intern at the Expressive arts workshop at Moores cancer center where every week we use art as a means of communication, a healing complement to harsh

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