My Passion For Teaching The Bible Essay examples

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Throughout this fourteen weeks, I have learned that I truly have a passion for teaching the Bible. I have enjoyed every assignment, every handout and every lesson. If I had an iota of doubt, it is no longer there. I have enjoyed preparing my lesson plan project which gave me so much perspectives on my future as a Bible teacher and minister. As a Spanish teacher, as well, this course taught how to be a better one. Although the emphasis was on how to teach the Bible, it also helped me to become a better Spanish teacher to my high school students. I have learned that the passion I have for teaching cannot be substituted. At one point, I was a bit frustrated because I was only teaching the Bible every Saturday during the women’s Bible study group that I lead, and twice a month at school during our STORM meetings. However, the Lord showed me through this class what my true passion is. Not to mention, I have learned to be more organized, design better lesson plans and aims, and what my learning style is.
2. What have you learned from the textbooks?
Through the lectures and readings from Richards and Yount, I learned to have a better understanding on how to create a lesson plan and the importance of it. Although spontaneity is great in the midst of a lesson, a well organized lesson plan is most needed. As the Word of God states, “God is not a god of disorder but of peace…everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way” (1 Cor. 14:33, 40). Thus, a well-thought-out lesson…

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