My Passion For Art Education

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Many people ask why I left the architecture profession to enter the field of art education. It is my passion for art and design that has led me to teach art. This passion stems from my belief that art is the underlying connector. Art can be the bridge that connects on a variety of levels to a range of important topics, including other school subjects. It can be used to understand history or illustrate a story. Art bridges the language barrier between cultures and has remained a constant connector to the past. Most importantly, with art, students can connect with themselves, the world around them, and the individual talents they can bring to the world. As stated in Transforming City Schools Through Art, “The arts organize and inform our collective …show more content…
Art is all around us. It is the painting on the wall, the clothes we wear, the building we walk into, and the app icon we use to retrieve our mail. By exposing students to the various forms of art, I believe I can reach all students, from all cultures, and reveal how art affects each of their lives. I will use project-based learning to engage my students in real-world situations to provide context and framework for learning. They will be challenged to think creatively and critically. My students will build their own understandings of the world through a hands-on experience and applying what they already know to make new discoveries.
To engage students of all backgrounds and cultures, I will spend time getting to know my students. What are their interests? Where do they come from? What do they want to learn? Creating a child-centered curriculum, where students are the focus, is a driving force of my pedagogy. In my art room, students will be invested in their own education. Topics will be relevant and meaningful to my students and the current world issues. This will result in a deeper understanding of the skills and concepts and how they can be applied to, not only art, but other subjects in and out of
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In my art room, students will be taught to take risks, explore, make mistakes, reevaluate, and rethink. These same students may be the next Steve Jobs, the next inventor of the flying car, or even, the next scientist that finds a cure for cancer. This idea was beautifully stated by Jessica Hoffman Davis in Why Our Schools Need the Arts, “But it is because of the creation of an artistic product, a core experience in the arts learning, that students have tangible evidence of the importance of their own imaging beyond the given; imagining possibilities (“What if”) determined and realized by the child (“I matter”). (Davis, 2008) We, as educators, need to provide opportunities and encourage students to think outside the box and give them the tools to do so, including the belief that they can. I want my art room to become a lab of creative exploration where there is no wrong answer, only encouragement to try and

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