Getting The License Essay

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My parents were never married before I was born and never after either. I guess things just didn’t work out like they should have. I was an accident, a disaster, and a complete mistake. No teen wants to make a mistake like this, but sadly it happens to the best of us. My mother was 18 and at the dawn of her youth, teenagers aren’t ready for the burden of a child let alone raise one without the father present. But, my mother had to do what needed to be done with the help of her mother and father. The feeling of being illegitimate compared to my other siblings [three] is absolutely astounding for they were planned, their parents were married, and they are loved equally by both parents. But between my mother and I, there is a bond that is unbreakable; …show more content…
Being a teen, getting your license is always a huge milestone for both the parents and the child. I didn’t really care much for getting my license though, I mean I knew I was going to eventually drive but I either had to beg my dad or buy one myself and after driving my grandma’s little white car or in other words the “rez car” because only two windows worked, the driver side door barely opens, the speedometer is 7 mph off, I finally get my first vehically. I love it, yes it’s old, yes it’s not that appealing to the eye, but that jeep grand cherokee was the best thing ever, until it blew up. It was homecoming green and white day, I was in my tutu and GO BIG GREEN T-shirt, standing on the side of the road waiting for the fireman to put the fire out and in that exact moment I knew what it meant to value something so much. My mother, being my best friend had told me everything was going to be okay even though I knew under the circumstances that their was no way I was getting my own car until I could by my own. So, growing up with a young mom definitely has it’s perks, she has great advice because of the mistakes she has made and the way she chose to handle them and there are also cons, she made a mistake and for that she had to give up her 20’s which she wasn’t ready to give up and financially, she just isn’t as stable as …show more content…
She has made it her life goal to see me succeed with volleyball no matter the situation. From an early start she was at every game, every tournament, and every award ceremony. It started in middle school my seventh grade year when she decided to create a travelling volleyball team for me and be the coach and from then on up until my sophomore year she was my coach and constantly worked with me to better myself. I have come across amazing coaches and not such amazing coaches since I’ve played the sport of volleyball, but as far as I am concerned my mother is my biggest fan, my number one coach, and the best critic I could ask

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