My Parents Were Never Married Before I Essay

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My parents were never married before I was born and never after either. I guess things just didn’t work out like they should have. I was an accident, a disaster, and a complete mistake. No teen wants to make a mistake like this, but sadly it happens to the best of us. My mother was 18 and at the dawn of her youth, teenagers aren’t ready for the burden of a child let alone raise one without the father present. But, my mother had to do what needed to be done with the help of her mother and father. The feeling of being illegitimate compared to my other siblings [three] is absolutely astounding for they were planned, their parents were married, and they are loved equally by both parents. But between my mother and I, there is a bond that is unbreakable; growing up with a young mother, I have learned a completely different perspective on life, even though I hindered her career she has made it her life goal to see me succeed as she didn’t, and I saved her life.
Growing up with a young mother who doesn’t have her life together yet puts a completely different perspective on life as I grow up, compared to those children who are in a well rounded home with a family that has planned out their life. My mother still hadn’t moved out of her parents house when I was born and for most of my life I grew up with grandparents as my primary care givers. For the majority of my childhood, what I can remember mostly concerns my grandma. My mother was around, don’t take that out of proportion but as…

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