My Parents And My Mother Essay

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For the Test, I decided to compare myself to my mother. My mother has been a huge part of my life, and is someone I admire and look up too. By completing this test, I wanted to see how similar or different our personalities were. However, before starting the test, I knew that my mother and I had some similar interests and qualities, yet very different personalities. After taking the (BFT) I was surprised by the results to see how similar my personalities was to my mothers. By using this test it gave me a much clearer understanding of how it factored our results. It also put into perspective how similar my mother and I actually are in terms of personality. For openness to experience, the results showed that, my mother and I both received similar results, we both enjoy new experiences and trying new things. My mother is the eldest of her family which results in her experiencing new experiences in life without her siblings giving input. I happen to be the middle child, although I enjoy new experiences, they are mainly experiences my older siblings have talked about and their view on them, which results in me wanting to experience it aswell. For conscientiousness my mother and I also received similar results, well organized and can be relied on. I believe that is a quality I have learned and gained from my mother because she religiously explained how important it is to be organized with your back pack, room, and how it will make life much easier. As for extraversion, my…

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