When I Came To My Parents

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My parents came to this country for different reasons, but the one reason that they both share is they came to this country for a better life for not only themselves, but they're future and family. In some ways; I have failed my parents regarding my career path, even though they would never admit it or see me in that kind of light. I just feel like I'm doing them a disservice by continuing my destructive tendencies, I'm probably just projecting here never the less I think it's the harsh truth, it's not only the fact I know I'm letting my parents, I'm letting myself down. I'm pushing away all my dreams and aspirations just to take the easy route in life. My parents fought their way into this country; they struggled working long hours with little to no English at the time.

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My dad quit smoking got a job and raised three kids all on his own. My mom, came to this country wanting to be free, and to pursue a career of her choice, she did and is now flourishing in her profession. Somehow my mom and dad found each other at an intersection, right near a Costco. Sparks flew, and before you know it, they had two more kids, me Arman and my brother Arash.

I'm the youngest of all of my siblings. Being the youngest was great as a kid; my parents bought me video games, toys, books or anything I asked of them. It also means I'm a bit of a softy. At school I would never talk all that much, I had a tiny social circle. In elementary and middle school I was a good kid always did what my parents asked of me and go above and beyond what the teachers at school asked me. My Freshmen and Junior year of high school I was a motivated kid. I kept up with all my studies, and I was in the after school audio video and radio program. I was on a morning radio show that broadcasted on 89.9fm locally in Bellevue and heard

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