My Parents And Family

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“Conner, wait for me!” I yelled to my older brother as he scurried up a mangrove tree in our backyard. The two of us spent everyday roaming around the island of Oahu that we were so blessed to call our home for most of our lives. I followed my older brother around like a lost puppy dog, mimicking what he did, admiring his courage, and trying to gain his acceptance. I always had scrapes and bruises, dirt on my face, and was engaging in games most girls shied away from. My brother always appeared so blissful and aware I desired the same poise and confidence. My father was a Navy Seal and was often gone fulfilling his duties. My mother, a special education teacher, showered my brother and I with love and attention. She always kept us busy and involved, making sure we had plenty of opportunities to find …show more content…
I was always taught and showed to fearlessly love. Myself, others, everything, do it with love. My parents got divorced when I was in the seventh grade. Although they tried living apart for a period of time during my middle school career they decided to move back in with together shortly after. The decision for the four of us to live under the same roof was so my brother and I did not have to split time between our parents or choose sides. My parents never fought in the household, and there was nothing but love and respect between the two of them. My parents showed me how to put differences aside to create a loving, comfortable, environment no matter the circumstances of the situation. As an adult I now see the valor and courage this took. Not growing up in a hostile environment allowed me find myself. It gave the opportunity to feel love in times when I did not know how to love myself yet. With the acceptance and love of my parents I was able to flourish as a youth and this love gave me the freedom to discover and connect with myself very

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