My Own Perspective On Interacting With Children Essay

1015 Words Jun 11th, 2016 null Page
Often it is difficult for us to ascertain certain situations until we experience them ourselves. This rings true for my own perspective on interacting with children. Previous to my clinical practicum semester in my undergraduate coursework, I doubted my ability to speak to or even tolerate the presence of children within my vicinity. I have always fostered an interest in the children of the world, where every single child has his/her own personality and more to discover. I always found myself to be that person who makes the effort to discover what the child’s educational demands are to succeed in the future.
Throughout the semester, two children, both under 13 years of age, were assigned to me for speech and language intervention therapy as a part of Saint Xavier University’s Ludden Speech and Language Clinic. My inexperience with children was palpable in the first sessions with them, but as my interactions with children became more concrete rather than just a concept, the sessions became more enjoyable and easier to manage. After I completed my last semester of my undergraduate coursework, I took time to further apply my knowledge of children with developmental disabilities. My curiosity encouraged me to gain more experience and knowledge in the field of disabilities to gain more perspective. I took initiative and found a job as a behavior therapist for children on the autism spectrum, which has helped me truly comprehend the impact a developmental disability has on a child…

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