My Own Experience: My Experience In The Classroom

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My own experience
When I was in kindergarten, teachers were using flush cards as a tool of teaching vocabulary. I liked the way of learning words because it had a good sound and rhythm. The teachers had taught the same words many times, so I could learn the meaning and the pronunciation of words. Moreover, I loved singing songs in English even though I did not know the meanings. I remembered the songs by the rythem and sounds. I can sing and explain the meanings of the songs that I remembered in kindergarten still now. I have realized that even if you do not know the meanings of words, you will gradually acquire them.
My guessing of the method that I had in kindergarten is Audio Lingual method. The teacher taught the
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They explained the meaning of a word, a part of speech and pronunciation when a new vocabulary occurs in the textbook. Sometimes, they gave some example sentences with a new word and the translation in Japanese. I remember that I enjoyed listening to a song in English and filling blanks of lylics.
I think most of the time the teacher used Grammar Translation Method since she explained meanings of vocabulary, there was little time to pronounce or speak in English. The activity of filling blanks seems Task Based Learning and Teaching. The teacher helped us fill in the blanks when we got difficulties with the task.
Teachers in my high school were also teaching vocabulary using textbook. They asked us to look up every new word we do not know and translate the sentences into Japanese before the English class. In the class, teachers explained the meanings of words and sentences in the textbook. Sometimes, they picked up an involved sentence that has new words or new grammar and explained the sencence structure and meaning. In addition, they required us to take a vocabulary test every week. We needed to learn around ten to twenty new words from a vocabulary
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My reading class teacher showed the way of learning words with images. My speaking class teacher seemed to know that we could learn a large amount of vocabulary to participate in American events, so she encouraged us to do it.
At Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, I have learned vocabulary in many ways. Especially, I liked a way to learn vocabulary using Word Engine. Word Engine is a social system of learning vocabulary effectively. You choose a correct vocabulary from choices to get to a goal. I wanted to reach the goal, so I was working hard on it. I liked Word Engine because I could check the pronunciation, meaning and example sentences easily. Moreover, I could start learning from my vocabulary level at regular intervals repeatedly, so I was happy to feel I was memorizing words gradually. Word Engine is a method based on Task-Based Learning and Teaching since learners have a goal to learn

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